Toyota Hybrid and Safety Promotional Event with the launch of 4th Generation Toyota Hybrid Prius, 16th November, 2016

prius-launchState Trading Corporation of Bhutan (STCB) has launched the 4th generation Prius hybrid on 16th November, 2016 at Le-meridien, Thimphu. Since the launch of Hybrid Vehicle in December 2014, 30 units were sold in the country. The Prius 4th generation hybrid gives mileage of 40.8 km/ liter.

Brief about Hybrid Vehicle:-

A Hybrid Vehicle is a vehicle that uses two power sources, viz. Gasoline Engine and Electric Motor, which bring about greater fuel efficiency. By combining the benefits of Gasoline Engine and Electric Motor, HV offers excellent driving performance and eco-friendliness. While starting a car and for light-load driving, electronic motor drives the wheel by using electricity from battery. In a normal driving condition, the engine will split into two power sources; viz. for driving wheels and for feeding generator/motor to supplement engine power. Excess electricity during light –load driving is charged to battery. When the vehicle is in full acceleration mode, battery supplies more power to drive the electric motor. As a result, it gains power during uphill drive. During the deceleration, meaning down hill drive and breaking; regenerative braking recharges battery automatically. Therefore, no charging station is required. This entails no investment requirements from the government unlike Electric Vehicles. It also saves fuel consumption.
For a Toyota customer, it has lot of benefits and reason to use Hybrid vehicle for personal convenience. It has huge cost saving on fuel. Intrinsically, it helps to save environment, reduce noise pollution and fuel import into the country.


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